What Makes A Man Well Dressed? Your Ultimate Fashion Guide

If you want to stop being the average bloke from the neighborhood, then you should know some basics of being a sharp dressed man. Gentlemen, open your notepad and start evaluating yourself. I am going to reveal the secrets of well-dressed men that you can use to up your ante and slay.

Keeping it simple

Well-dressed men always know the importance of sticking to the basics. They often rely on basic clothing without trying to impress anybody. To become a better-dressed person, you should find your style and work on improving it rather than mindlessly imitating fashion trends.

Men tend to use only a handful of their wardrobe which makes it worth investing in high-quality dress staples. In case of any confusion stick to basic colors like white, black and blue as they can be worn on almost all the occasions.

Choosing the best

Buying the best product is an ability which develops over time. Well-dressed men always settle for the finest quality- be it trousers, shoes or even undergarments. To look smart, your clothes should be of the best quality and in the best shape. For instance, the art of nailing a trouser break separates the stylish gentleman from an average dude.  You should consider wearing tailored suits and shirts, especially at formal gatherings.

Keeping pre-planning at a distance

Often, we invest too much time in deciding the best clothes to wear which can eventually lead us to a wrong decision. Well-dressed men never get confused about dressing up for a specific occasion. They already have some great combos that can make them stand out without much effort. The moral of the story is to dress according to your gut feeling by having great clothes in your wardrobe. Of course, sometimes you will have to dress according to a code, but it’s an exception.

Shopping offline

Although the internet is filled with various mouth-watering deals, well-dressed men rarely get consumed by such offers. Almost all the style icons know the importance of touching and feeling any cloth before purchasing it. It not only counts for the fabric, but also for the fitting. Visiting a store gives you a better look which can profoundly assist in your fashion decision-making ability. Moreover, you can get those shirts tailored instantly to fit your silhouette. I’m not against online shopping, but you should keep it to a minimum. Never compromise on the fit.

Caring about their footwear

“You can judge a man by his shoes.” Yes, the old saying still fits perfectly valid for men today as well. Our shoes are the most important part of dressing well, and stylish men never ignore them.  The quality and condition of your shoes tell a lot about your personality as it reveals your discipline, attention to details and punctuality. A worn-out pair of shoes can instantly turn off any person from making contact with you. One should invest in high-quality dress and leather shoes as they can make or break your charisma in a second.

These tips stand true for almost all the men who are eager on becoming a better version of themselves. Remember, just 5 good looks with high quality clothes are better than 15 different looks that will fade out as the next fashion trend arrives.

Published by: Joe S

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