The Benefits Of Pranayama And Why It Should Be A Part Of Your Routine

Yoga is not just about low-intensity workouts. It has a separate branch for breathing exercises known as pranayama. It is the practice of focusing on one’s breathing and improving the power of the mind. If you do not know anything about pranayama, you should read the blog until the end.

Boosts lifespan

Through years of experiments and experience, the ancient yogis understood the power of our breathing patterns. According to yoga, the lifespan of any animal is relative to their rate of breathing. Animals that breath in a slow and controlled form live longer than those who intake rapid and shallow breaths.  For example, a whale can live up to 100 years on an average while a dog is only able to achieve 12 years in their life. Regular practice of pranayama helps us to regulate our breaths systematically and increase our lifespan.

Control over emotions

According to yogic literature, our emotions are directly linked to our respiratory system. The yogis noticed that people who breathe rapidly have diminished control over their feelings. Moreover, any aggression in the breathing rate can hint you about an emotional change in the person. Thus, it is highly recommended to perform pranayama to have absolute control over our anger and to eliminate restlessness or negative thoughts. You can also tame any wild emotion through deep and slow breathing.

Greater oxygen consumption

We usually do not breathe with the full capacity of our lungs. We are accustomed to providing only a small amount of oxygen to our body to use our organs in a survival mode. Such shallow breaths do not allow our internal organs to work with full force which can hamper our growth and result in eventual health loss. Pranayama helps us in using our lungs more appropriately which drives more oxygen in our bloodstream. It is believed that regular practice of breathing exercises helps us to use almost 80% capacity of our lungs.

Slashes the risk of hyper tension

The situation of high blood pressure is linked to many fatal health issues. An uncontrolled blood pressure poses a massive threat to our heart and its arteries. In fact, hypertension is seen as a hint of heart failure in the future. Pranayama helps to eradicate this problem as it relaxes our mind and body, thus protecting us from stress. As you know, we cannot avoid unwanted situations, but we can fight them through yoga. Regular breathing exercises also eliminate health issues like insomnia, diabetes, and depression.

Improved concentration

Pranayama helps us concentrate on a single subject without getting distracted by random thoughts. Moreover, it increases our memory manifold. Some experts suggest that it can help us recall even the remotest memories. Extra oxygen supplied to the brain helps it to function optimally, hence improving our willpower. You will experience peace of mind and calmness right after you perform pranayama.

These are low-intensity exercises that can be practiced for a long span of time without any side effects. If you want to gain control over your mind and body, do not hesitate in practicing pranayama as a daily routine.

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