Stretching: The Most Important Daily Activity at a Glance

Stretching is an important aspect for people involved in sports and bodybuilding, but it is also essential in the life of an average individual. I will be making you aware of some advantages of regular stretching so you can become a healthier individual.

It reduces stress

Regular stretching will save you from chronic stress which will further eradicate the problem of fatigue, tension, and feelings of anxiety. When combined with breathing exercises you can get rid of serious issues like depression.

Eliminates muscle stiffness

Most of us sit throughout the day which can lead to undesirable situations like muscle cramps, lower back pain, and pain in the neck region. Stretching not only makes our muscles flexible but also strengthens them to go through prolonged sitting sessions.

Enhanced range of motion

Stretching will help your body to increase its range of motion reducing the risks of injury due to awkward bending of your muscles. For example- a foam roller will help to improve the motion in your joints especially in major areas like hips and shoulders.

Overall improved health

Performing regular stretching can highly improve the internal functions of your body.  Yoga is a traditional healthcare regime that focuses on stretching one’s body in different ways. It can help you get rid of health problems like high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and muscular tension.  Yoga has proven to be a life-changing experience for many people as it can develop you a calm and collected person.

Creating a functional body

Gaining huge muscle mass can hamper the daily functions of your body.  A lethargic and inactive lifestyle can make your muscles grow weak and incapable of performing basic functions like climbing stairs. Your body will be able to bend comfortably while maintaining balance throughout the activity. Give it a try. After performing regular stretching, play any outdoor sport, and you will realize the massive difference.

Improved blood circulation

Stretching allows blood to flow through your veins without any interruption freely.  It also allows more oxygen and nutrition to travel through the blood flow making one of the most important functions work even better.

Reduces wear and tear of joints

Often we face situations where we have to act at short notice without getting time to stretch or warm up our body. For, e.g.- a friend asks for help in cutting a tree in his backyard or having to play football with the kids around your block. Such events have a damaging impact on your joints as they have not been prepared to handle the trauma caused by these activities.

Sometimes we do not properly stretch muscles before starting our workouts which can seriously harm the muscle tissue and our joints. Regular stretching ensures that we do not compromise on the stability and flexibility of the joints. Our shoulder and hip joints are the most vulnerable to injuries and once harmed they never get back to their original form.

These reasons should be enough for you to undertake 10-15 minutes of stretching in your daily lifestyle. There are no side effects, and the advantages get better in the long run.

Published by: Joe S

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