Stay Relaxed A Guide to Remain Calm in A Tense World

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to remain calm in today’s world? As soon as you wake up, you could have an information overload through your phone. News stories, reviews, apps, opinions and people- all are sending you different types of information and it could be very damaging to your mental health. Then you have to handle everything from the queue at the coffee shop to the horns and traffic, followed by countless chats, meetings and sounds at the office. You couldn’t remain calm even if you tried to.

However, there is one way in which you could set the default mode of your brain to calmness. There are some simple habits that could be cultivated by anyone to become a better person and become less stressed as well. Here are the habits that you need to develop.

Yawn every hour

This isn’t an advice you will find in wellness and healing blogs of the world. But the truth is that yawning could actually help in releasing tensions from your body. It is a good way to ask your body to gather more oxygen from your surroundings and feel more refreshed. When yawning, stretch your body slightly. If you have a desk job, doing this every hour could help you in feeling refreshed and more energetic.

Deep breathing

There is nothing like deep breathing when it comes to calming your brain. You should always try to take deep breaths and match your inhale with your exhale. In fact, the exhale should be slightly longer than the inhale. Don’t force it. Let the flow be natural. While deep breathing, you can close your eyes and focus on the good things in life. If something is bothering you, exhale it and if something is making you happy, inhale it. The power of deep breathing will help you feel more relaxed.


This is a technique that helps you feel a natural connection with your body. Grounding techniques are very helpful to people who are feeling extremely anxious. First, remove any footwear and place your feet directly on the ground. Then close your eyes, take a few relaxed breaths and start mentally scanning your body from the ground up.

Imagine that you are absorbing good vibes from the earth into your body. Scan it to the crown and then come back to the feet, this time, releasing every negative emotion you have. You will be surprised at the good effects of this technique. It can even calm people who are going through an anxiety or panic attack. It is very simple to perform as well.

Whenever you feel anxious, angry or emotionally unstable and believe that you can’t focus on things around you, simply close your eyes. Try not to focus on outside noise. If silence isn’t possible to attain, put on some great music and focus. You don’t have to be worried about everything going on in the world. Just focus on what you could possibly achieve with a more relaxed mind.

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