Many people think of fitness as an accessory to sports or team games or competitive sorts, but it can also go the other way too. If you’re on a fitness jurney for your health and not to become better at a sport you are playing, then playing a sport in addition can be great for mixing up your workouts.

Playing sports is a great addition to a fitness regime as it is often more of a sociable way to get fit and it can even be seen as a more fun way to burn calories and get yourself moving.

Sports and team games also work different areas of our bodies to straight working our or HIIT or any sort of pure cardio. This is because it activates different twitch fibres in your body, building upon your motor neuron process and making you an all-round better athlete.

Sports often use different energy systems as well. As there is a lot of stopping and starting and quick turning, then it activates mainly your creatine and lactic systems and only draws on aerobic at the end. Giving you a different kind of workout than hitting the gym.

Sports are also good for not getting too bulky if that is something you want to avoid, you’ll still get your heart rate up and burn calories, but the stress on the muscles won’t be as great so won’t allow for massive muscle bulk

Good Sports for Exercise

These are sports which are great for toning up and getting cut without building too much muscle.

  • Rowing – rowing is amazing for upper body activation as well a engaging your core. As it’s low impact as well, it releases less testosterone into the body, s prevents too much bulk.
  • Rock Climbing – this is a workout out for the mind as well as the body as you strategise on the best route you need to take to get to the top. It also improves agility and coordination to boost muscle strength.
  • Swimming – getting in the water is great for calorie burning with low-impact on joints, which is why so many people of all ages take up the sport. It works nearly every muscle group at once and the water resistance is what can build strength and definition.
  • Football/Soccer – the name of the game differs on your location in the world, but whatever you call it, a 90 minute game of running round a pitch is great for motor training and cardi benefits.

Find a Sport that Suits You

Those above are just some of my favourites and the most popular that you’ll find in the world, but it all comes down to what you enjoy and what you have access to. For example, there may be no football clubs for you to join nearby or no climbing routes or no swimming pool.

In this case, take a look at what is on offer. No matter the sport it will almost definitely be a good addition to any training programme and will heavily benefit your performance.