Rules Of Bodyweight Training You Need To Know About

Bodyweight training is no joke, and you have to be aware of its daunting nature before accepting it as a means to build solid muscles. Here are a few rules you must know about bodyweight training.

Progressive resistance works

Our body develops muscles while we increase the resistance we employ, be it heavier weights or complex bodyweight exercise. In bodyweight training, we will not be able to induce muscle gain until we keep on increasing the resistance continuously.  You would have to make changes in your regular exercises to make them more challenging for gains. You can change the range of motion, alter the leverage or change the weight to limb ratio.  Remember, bodyweight training demands novelty every time you hit those muscles.

Splitting the exercises

Just like weight training, you will have to focus on specific muscle groups for size gain. Unlike weighted exercises, we cannot fully isolate muscles in bodyweight training which can often lead to overtraining. But, we can train different body parts on different days to give proper rest to overused muscle groups like back, biceps, and shoulders. You can try alternatives exercises like upper/ lower body and push/pull. It will not only help your muscles recover fast but also improve your performance and create a solid foundation for muscle growth.

Lengthy rep range

It is important to understand that bodyweight training demands way more reps than your average strength building exercises. The fact that we do not have an outer resistance on our muscles makes it important for us to take our physical strength to the extreme to inflict muscle growth. The aim is to develop proportioned and well-sculpted muscles, and you cannot do that with 1-5 rep range.

You will have to go harder each time you perform the same exercise. For example – if you can complete ten push-ups, then you will have to aim for 15 push-ups.  Long story short, you will have to do take your body in a state of fatigue for serious mass gains.

Bulking and cutting matters

Just like bodybuilding, we will have been in calories surplus for gains and calorie deficit for defining our muscles. But, like most of the people, you might not be training for competition. This means that you do not have to go through water manipulation or tanning. You can eat food high in protfibrefiber, and carbohydrates without getting stressed about counting calories.

Work hard

There is no shortcut for building muscles in bodyweight training. Most of the times you will have to wait for months to see any gains or even a drastic improvement in your strength. If you are not patient, then you should consider going to the gym. Calisthenics requires more effort, time and zeal to see you change.

After all the struggles you will own a more functional and better-looking body. Your stamina will undoubtedly increase, and you will be full of energy throughout the day. Eventually, you will be saving a lot of money and time you would have invested in gyms and health clubs.

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