Preparing For Your First Ironman Challenge

The Ironman challenge is not a piece of cake. It is the most challenging sport that even the fittest men on earth may not be able to compete for. Read the whole article to build a solid foundation for becoming the premier athlete.

Set up your mind

Before taking any action, make sure you have justified the reason to take on the Ironman challenge. Unlike any other sport, the Ironman challenge is a combination of three challenging activities. It not only needs profound athletic ability but mental rigidness of the highest level. You should have a strong reason to compete in Ironman challenge, or the determination to complete the race will eventually die. Once your mind is convinced, you can quickly train for the challenge.

Train for the increasing load capacity

Most of the beginners are hit by the “Ironman panic” that makes you train in an unsystematic manner. This event requires a highly specific training programme which increases your capabilities over time. The overall load on any participant remains the same throughout the race. In contrast to smaller races, Ironman races demand a participant to regulate their body’s capabilities effectively throughout the programme.

Mostly, one has to build up the distance of the training in the last 12 weeks before the race. Although it seems like sprint training, one has to extend the training sessions instead of adding speed. Weekend training for the marathon demands an athlete to bike ride for 6 hours and run for 3 hours the following day. It is better to work on your swimming techniques for the rest of the week as it is nearly impossible to be perfect inside the water.

Train with the best gear

With time, this triathlon race has become the host of numerous sponsors who try to sell their products. A beginner is bound to get confused and make a wrong decision. I highly recommend that you get in touch with a skilled athlete before buying any gear. Do not get tempted to buy things that you do not require.

Train under a coach that can be trusted, especially in this case, as they may try to make undue gains from you. As per my experience deep- rim wheels are more beneficial for speeding and lighter wheels are better suited for the uphill ride. It is better to have a backup for every weather as nobody can be sure about the race day.  Better gears are essential for building confidence and gain that extra edge over competitors.

Be patient

To become an athlete with the potential of competing in a world’s most challenging triathlon, you have to live inside your fitness bubble. You no longer remain average- as you don’t eat, sleep and train average. Typically, it takes 12 months to experience the results of the training. It is hard to maintain this lifestyle for such a long stretch of time. Do not quit if you want to test your determination, patience, and character.

This race is tough but not impossible. All it takes is a strong will combined with a little craziness. I hope this article encourages one more super athlete of the future.

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