General Diet Guidelines for A Healthy Body

I have been advising my clients on making small changes in their diet before undertaking any physical routine. Exercise is only 10% of a healthy routine. The rest 90% is made up of a healthy diet. It’s time that my internet family also gets to know the little secrets of a healthy body through a healthy diet.

Do not get too hungry

Never starve yourself for fat loss as it can damage your internal organs and disrupt your hormonal balance. Most people try to resist their hunger for too long and try fad diets with extreme calorie restriction. It doesn’t help them. Instead, they start looking for comfort food and binge eat junk items. It causes excess weight gain and reverses the gains you made by restricting calories. If you snack frequently, look for healthier options like whole grain crackers or Greek yoghurt.


There is no need to write about the benefits of drinking water. However, I still come across several people who continuously avoid drinking water regularly and focus on aerated drinks.

Almost all our internal organs need adequate amounts of water to work smoothly. You can calculate your water intake requirements with the help of a water consumption calculator. Several of these little apps are available online and for free. Drinking enough water will also eliminate the chances of water retention which leads to a bloated gut. It will also acquire space in your stomach decreasing the chances of overeating.

Curb salt intake

You will not realise the magnitude of salt’s role in weight gain until you drop down its usage to a minimal. According to a study, the average American is consuming twice the recommended amount of salt every day. Food high in sodium makes you hungrier and thirstier which can lead to overeating. Avoid eating packaged or junk foods to limit the sodium intake which makes your body get rid of excess water and causes dehydration. Try to choose more natural and organic foods. They are a bit expensive but do not pose a dangerous threat to your body.

Never skip your breakfast

Most of us have a habit of skipping our breakfast or eating less than our nutritional requirements. Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day as it generates energy for a full day of work. Every time we do not consume enough carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein for breakfast, we tend to complement our hunger with starchy foods later in the day. Try to consume at least 250 calories in your meal including a mix of complex carbohydrates and protein. Any moment of getting too hungry before noon can be stated as an incidence of a weak breakfast.

Eating a salad before every meal

Eating a full bowl of salad before a meal can help people in losing fat rapidly. Every time we eat a salad, our body gets enough food to curb our hunger till the main course. You can consume salads two times a day, preferably in the noon and dinner. Just make sure that you do not pour cream to make the salads tasty.

These tips will allow you to create a food discipline in your life which can eventually be adopted as a lifestyle. A healthy diet can save you from innumerable inconveniences throughout your life.

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