Debunking Cardio Myths That May Haunt You Forever

From negative to illogical, many myths have made cardio a laughing stock in the fitness community. It’s time to save you from making a mistake. Here are few cardio myths you should know about before hitting your next session.

More cardio results in more fat loss

Cardio workouts have always been misused for fat loss. In reality, cardio is only 10% of the equation when it comes to fat loss. Fat is mostly lost in the kitchen which means that only a calorie deficit leads to you getting sculpted. If you are hitting cardio workouts without focusing on your diet, then you will never achieve your goal. You will also have to undertake strength training as a part of losing fat as lifting weights will save you from losing precious muscle tissue. Remember fewer muscles lead to a slower metabolic rate and no fat loss.

Low-intensity cardio is as useful as HIIT

Don’t fool yourself by trusting low-intensity cardio for optimal fat loss. Although a low-intensity cardio workout has its benefits yet it’s not as useful as a HIIT session. Once you push your heart rate to its limits, it not only burns calories but builds stamina, focus and muscle durability. But, be sure to stop any HIIT session that hurts your body. You can go at your own pace, but you will have to pose a challenge to yourself instead of walking comfortably on a treadmill.

Cardio demands an empty stomach

Many of us believe that if our stomach is empty then the body will use surplus fat for energy and we will lose more weight. According to recent researches fat burn is not affected by the food in your stomach. In the absence of a pre-workout meal, you might eventually lose muscle fiber as your body goes through a period of muscle catabolism. Of course, stuffing food inside your stomach won’t be a good idea, but a small can do the trick for you.

Cardio is equal to running

Running on a treadmill is often considered as the entire cardio workout we need. But as a matter of fact, there are numerous exciting and highly active cardio methods. They are better than treadmill runs HIIT is one of the many options that can provide you a better and more engaging cardio workout. It not only improves your cardiovascular condition but also develops muscle endurance. You can also opt for a swimming session or a membership in your nearest cross fit gym. Zumba dance has been effective in dealing with fat loss while it’s fun and entertaining.

Cardio is only for the fat ones

It’s a general thought that only the obese need cardio and the slim ones should never do it. On the contrary, your cardiovascular health cannot be judged by the way you look. A slim or underweight person can have a damaged heart condition in comparison to an overweight person. Even the most muscular people need cardio to maintain the balance between gaining size and having a healthy heart.

Cardio is a great tool to lose fat and improve your overall health. You just have to understand its need according to your goals and current physical stand.

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